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krystal in the house →

somehow using k’s in place of c’s seems infinitely cooler. so is the case with pleasantly mysterious irish dj, producer, and dance floor murderer krystal klear. krystal klear will be dj’ing at a particularly spicy event on september 14th at the infamous phoenix hotel in san francisco. it is a pool party on a sunday from 1-7pm and krystal will be accompanied by equally exciting artists dam funk and tiger & woods. it’s pretty much a mini line up made in heaven. the gig is being thrown by sf-based party boy queens ‘lights down low.’ tickets can be purchased here. don’t be a square and not buy one: http://ticketf.ly/1zkbvRQ.

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does it look like i'm here →

this track is the from the ohio-based (now dismantled) band emeralds. from their sophomore album, “does it look like i’m here?” (2010), “now you see me” is a solid track to listen to on this overcast san francisco day while you type away at your desk or partake in some methodical activity. emeralds pumps out ambient, experimental electro tracks with emotive builds as the songs progress. i like listening to them while driving, on bart, or while in a mood. with clear krautrock influence, emeralds’ expansive synth sound will take you on a melodic journey that gathers force as the song goes on. all songs are instrumental but you’ll never find yourself wanting for lyrics.

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cooly g-- hyperdub 4ever →

'oi dirty' is off of cooly g's latest 3 track ep 'hold me' which will be released on january 27th via the uk label hyperdub. it's a simple, repetitive (in the best way) track that is dubby and pulls from samples from a bok bok song. fellow label member dva collaborated on 'oi dirty' as well as on the ep. 

— 9 months ago
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parallel lines →

this track is an oldie and it still makes me melt. ‘parallel lines’ is by junior boys, one of my favorite bands who i’ve seen several times and who hail from good ol’ canada. the duo is comprised of jeremy greenspan and johnny dark. this particular track is from their 2009 album ‘begone dull care,’ which is one of my favorite albums of theirs along with their 2004 debut album ‘last exit.’ i really like their stuff and actually think it’s pretty unique despite the customary facet of them being a two-person male electronic music group. their beats are clean and greenspan has the highest, sweetest, most melodic voice which is obviously not common in male singers. their music is poppy and bouncy and it’s worth listening a little harder to to catch their lyrics. other news on greenspan: he helped produce jessy lanza’s recent debut album ‘pull my hair back’ under the hyperdub record label. i’ve posted a track by her on here and she is playing at amnesia in san francisco for $10 on january 25th. i nabbed two tickets; don’t miss out. 

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nordic sensibilities →

if ever i read an article that states that an artist or song expresses ‘nordic sensibilities,’ i will undoubtedly utterly dig the music. i spent a fair amount of time in norway two years ago, bergen specifically, which amplified my obsession of dark house music, because that’s all anyone listened to in that cold, brooding, pitch-black-at-3-pm, perfect country. this particular track is broken up into four distinctive sections, all based in techno and doused in space-like sounds that illicit a feeling from me that i can’t quite place. is it nostalgia? is it anxiety because this track is kind of scary? i’m not sure. i am certain, however, that this track by ulwhednar is awesome and will take you on a 13 minute journey through a dystopian northern european quest for electro enlightenment. 

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dj koze →

dj koze’s ‘marilyn whirlwind’ progresses slowly over seven minutes without ever making the listener bored. the song blends minimal electro with a synthesized guitar echoing repeating sounds for the track’s entirety, creating a smooth, pleasurable listen. dj koze is from hamburg, germany and i met him a couple years ago at the tiny black hole of a club, plastic people, in the shoreditch neighborhood of london. suffice it to say it was an awesome night and he’s a friendly guy. this particular song is from his 2013 album amygdala, which has received really positive reviews. ‘marilyn whirlwind’ is a pretty relaxed track as far as house songs go so i would suggest listening to it while you’re working (there’s only a string or two of lyrics, so not distracting) or have it playing as some nice background music while you’re cooking or hanging with friends. 

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blunt run →

short & sweet but i wish this song lasted much, much longer. ‘laser jam’ is h-o-t, composed of deep breaths, a repetitive funky bass line, and a robotic voice demanding, “let me see you moonwalk.” this song is all sorts of fun, which is of great value to me; give this track a listen and tell me you don’t feel like you should be dancing with arms in the air at an 80s house party. mgun, or manuel gonzales, is a minimalist techno/house producer & dj from, of course, detroit. ‘laser jam’ is from his most recent album ‘blunt run.’ i’m trying to get my hands on the whole album as we speak, so more on mgun to come. i want this song to be blaring when the clock strikes midnight tomorrow. guess i’ll have to specially request it from the honey soundsystem dj’s at public works. they’d be down.

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tin man →

instead of listening to bing crosby, mariah carey or even bob dylan christmas albums, i’m listening to tin man’s crazy acid house track ‘mystified acid.’ with out actually verbalizing it, this minimalist techno song blares that the synch is not dead! rather, the 303 is thriving. driven by it’s undulating bass line, ‘mystified acid’ slowly peaks towards the middle and then pleasantly deflates back down to its initial repetitive sounds. the track is simple yet catchy; it’s a bit dark initially and then converts to something more poppy and cheerful in the middle. basically it’s just pure class and every time i listen to it i envision myself fist pumping in a space ship- that’s when you know you’ve heard something good. 

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falty dl for breakfast →

another semi oldie for you. and by semi old i mean this song was released in 2011 on falty dl’s four track ‘atlantis’ ep. drew lustman, or falty dl, is a new york based garage and house artist. ‘atlantis,’ which shares the same name as the ep’s title, is a surprisingly pleasurable song with haphazard sound effects sprinkled about and then paired with a more consistent, deep base line. it’s a shorter, easier listen than some of the other tracks i’ve posted and can be enjoyed at any time. 


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wavvy →

this track, aptly titled ‘wavvy,’ is by new york rapper, performance artist, and poet mykki blanco. in this music video blanco raps in drag about getting loose at the club while frilly, costumed party goers dance around him. but blanco is different than many rappers on the scene right now such as a$ap rocky and the like because he plays with gender roles so openly. when i saw him perform at the new parish in oakland he was wearing nipple tassels, a skirt, thigh highs, and doc martens, to my delight. oh, and an extra long black haired weave that he threw around so flawlessly it could have been his own. ‘wavvy’ is my favorite track and it’s worth listening to while watching the music video just to catch a taste of blanco’s presence, even if only via the cyber. 

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